The Chemical Edge was launched ten years ago by the partnership of Varda Burstyn and David Fenton. Both are life-long environmental activists. Varda is a health policy consultant and writer, as well as a second-generation sufferer of environmentally linked chronic illnesses. David has an extensive science background, which, over the last decade, he turned to environmental health research.

Varda and David set out to provide information on high-quality research that links common chemicals to ill health in general; and to provide extended material related to the conditions of Environmental Sensitivities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

In the last few years, due to the demands of livelihood and their pro bono work on environmental health, they have not been able to keep The Chemical Edge current in the way they’d like. Therefore, they’ve taken the site down in hopes that in some months’ time, they will be able to (re)create it as the community deserves. If you want to know when the site is being re-launched, please put your email in a comment, below.

During its time “on air” to date, The Chemical Edge has had many tens of thousands of visitors, thousands of comments, and many followers. And many questions. Some questions have been answered by the creators of the site, some have been answered by visitors (thank you!), and some remain to be answered by society via proper medical recognition and care, and by the elimination and/or regulation of harmful chemicals in everyday life.

In regard to the latter, if you haven’t yet downloaded and read the work of Varda and others on “Recognition, Inclusion and Equity”, please go to


and check out the description of, and copious documentation toward, the creation of an ‘Ontario Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health,’ a multi-year project that is still, very slowly, moving forward in conjunction with Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The information at the url is globally relevant.

For ongoing information on news of that project, please visit the above link as well.

For now, Varda and David wish everyone the best health possible, and urge each person to become an eco-citizen and activist for environmental health to the best of their abilities.


  1. Id like to be notified when you get this site going again.

  2. i am trying to find an article you published in 2009, called “invisible Cripples”:mcs, by Steven Rowat

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